vrijdag 11 september 2009

1993 - Sweet Pickle Salad

So....Something different for the weekend....

Sweet Pickle Salad

Quality - A/A+

01 - Clothes & Food (also known as Cry To Me Softly)
02 - Limits (also known as Can’t Let Go)
03 - One Man’s Anger
04 - State Of The Notion

Sweet Pickle Salad is:

Chris Robinson (Black Crowes) - vocals
Marc Ford (Black Crowes) - lead guitar
Craig Ross (Lenny Kravitz) - guitars
Andy Sturmer(Jellyfish) - drums / backup vocs
Jimmy Ashurst (Ju Ju Hounds) - bass
Roger Manning (Jellyfish) - keyboards

Recorded around 8/15/93

The "Sweet Pickle Salad" group/sessions happened after the "Tall" sessions ended and before the "Amorica" session began, about February, 1994 in Los Angeles. The group was made up of most of the folks that played the Foamfoot show: Chris Robinson on vocals, Marc Ford on lead, Andy Sturmer(Jellyfish) on drums, Jimmy Ashurst (Ju Ju Hounds) on bass with the addition of Craig Ross on guitar and Roger Manning (Jellyfish) on keyboards. In articles around that time there were reports that they were going to release it. The style of the music is described by Chris - "The songs sound like a cross between CSNY and Pink Floyd, every song is like 10 minutes long."

DL link to follow....
FLAC, three parts, download 'em all!



maandag 7 september 2009

1991 - Jellyfish, Wembley

To start off a great recording from the band in 1991: Wembley.
Part of this is available on the Fanclub Boxset, however, the recording here is complete and runs at the right speed.


Wembley Stadium, London 1991-07-13 as part
of “Summer XS” day - support act to INXS

Complete set (including all of Andy Sturmer’s
stage comments):

1. The King Is Half-Undressed
2. Baby’s Coming Back
3. Now She Knows She’s Wrong
4. That Is Why
5. I Wanna Stay Home
6. She Still Loves Him
7. All I Want Is Everything

Andy Sturmer: Vocals, Drums
Roger Manning: Keyboards, Vocals
Jason Falkner: Guitars, Vocals
Chris Manning: Bass

Source: Quad FM3 tuner - Nakamichi DR2 cassette deck
(analogue) - GoldWave editor (wav) – FLAC

This was recorded from the original FM BBC broadcast,
is noticeably superior sound quality to the version
on the “Fan Club” box set and runs at the correct
speed (unlike the Fan Club version!) plus includes
the two tracks left off.

DL the three parts:



Jellyboots coming soon.....

Soon Jellyfish recordings will be up...

maandag 29 december 2008

Eerste bericht

Eerste berichtje, later meer inhoud........